Symbolism is cool and all, but the moon can make much much more than just ripples, even if it's an infinitesimal rock compared to the sun, if it were to fall, for example, we would all die and if it were to leave, we would also all die. It's also thought to have emerged from the earth. The sun does no have it's own light, rather it's the nuclear fusion of atoms within that leads to that, so men would be powerful only because of the immense fight between the forces of collapse and the forces of unity or identity.

Also, why is the sun masculine? or the moon femenine? Do they copulate? Do they have genitals?

IDK really, but while symbolic connections have significant weight, they also have a lot more to do with the psychological makeup of the interpreter than they do with an "objective" reality, whatever that would be.

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I recently had a refresher on Naive Realism. This goes right with it. Like a well crafted ancient text that relates to the day no matter where you split it open and read it. Or hearing a word or catch phrase from a few different people in a week. Some lovely brave people I really admire are on a similar journey with their world view and this strikes a chord I didn't hear in their path before. Thank you.

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I love this because (to me) the point wasn't really what one "believes" about the earth's shape, etc. Rather, yer compelling us to think more metaphorically, symbolically, and esoterically.

Let's talk about this concept on a podcast very soon! 🙂

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Before anybody comes at me: I meant to say that in Globe Earth Theory, gravity is a result of earth's MASS, not size. I'm on my phone so I can't edit the article 😛

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