I wanna share what I just commented on Tessa's original post of the interview:

Pardon the offbeat intro, but it’s kinda what I do:

More than 40 years ago, Michael Jackson asked Eddie Van Halen to play the iconic solo on “Beat It.” A huge new swath of music fans suddenly discovered Eddie’s virtuosity, and they were mesmerized. When David Lee Roth (the singer in Eddie’s band at the time) witnessed this, he said something like: “It’s really fun to watch everyone go nuts for something I get to hear all the time.”

As someone who knows Alicen for many years and is well aware of her diverse and immense talents, it pleases me to see her interviewed by Tessa and given space to reach a new audience that will also surely be mesmerized.

Bravo and thank you to both Tessa and Alicen! 💕

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Hi, I love Tessa and watch all her interviews and listen to her music and since I watched you both today have listened to your music on Spotify and am following you here on substack and on Spotify so thank you for a wonderful interview together, very warming, Yah Bless <3

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