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Well, yours is an interesting perspective I've never heard. I have heard of breatharians - people who supposedly live on air - and I remember hearing someone say that some advanced Tibetan monks who live high in the Himalayas exist without food - but this is all I've ever heard about humans being able to live without food. In recent years, I've adopted the perspective that when Christians ask for forgiveness from their sins, especially right before death, it allows their soul to pass to the higher realms more easily. I thought that perhaps this is what Jesus may have been teaching, even though traditional Christians believe that his death somehow paid the price for all of humanity's sins.

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Good point that eternal life begins now, and we are already in it. When we leave this world and leave our body we don't "die". Our conscious being - our soul or spirit, astral body or etheric body - whatever you call the conscious being who is "me" - lives on. We remain conscious during the transition. If you have a "near death experience" where you leave your body and go close to or into the Light, then leave that place and return into your body here on Earth, you are "reborn in spirit". You now know that you are essentially a conscious spiritual being, with or without a physical body. That knowing changes everything.

I wanted to comment on this observation you made, "What if “believing in Jesus” just meant “believing in what he’s saying about never-dying?”

Without getting into the all the details, I'll say Jesus didn't want anybody to worship his person. He wanted people to believe what he said, because he was telling the Truth, and he knew ("gnosis") he was telling the truth. He promised after he left he would send "the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, who will guide you into all truth." Jesus wanted people to believe the truth, to know it, to be transformed by it. You wrote how faith is a function. Faith is what transforms believing into knowing, and to living accordingly. It "is" true. You can't prove that. But you can know it. And as you explain about psychic and other spiritual abilities, you can't do it unless you already believe/know you can do it.

Jesus didn't come to start a new Church. From what he told the Samaritan woman at the well it is clear he believed he was ushering in the New Covenant promised (about 600 years earlier) at Jeremiah 31:31-34 where God says we will no longer need a priesthood telling us what God says because God "will put his law in their minds and write it on their hearts. Each of them will know me, from the least of them to the greatest."

As Jesus said, God's law - the Kingdom of Heaven - will be "within and among you." God lives in our heart and mind, not on a mountain (as the Samaritans believed) or in the Temple in Jerusalem (as mainstream Hebrews believed). "God wants worshippers who worship in spirit and in truth," not people who puff air out of their mouths claiming to be "Christian" while thinking, feeling and behaving according to the ways of this spirit-denying material world.

Nietzsche - a theologian who was intimately familiar with the Bible - knew this. In his little Madman story the madman rushes into the marketplace and exclaims, "God is dead! We have killed him, you and I!" Because 'Godless Europeans" had made no place for God to live in their hearts and minds, they had 'killed God" - at least they had killed God's power in their own materialist anti-spiritual lives.

We "Be" Christians, in our heart, mind and life. We be lovers and seekers of Truth. We let ourselves be guided by Love and Light, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. We know we are spiritual beings, and we make material sacrifices when required to serve the spiritual values of truth and love.

As you said in your talk with Mickey Z, whatever truth you follow to its end, you find God. Truth is the "narrow gate" that leads into all Truth. All kinds of externally enacted deceptions and self-induced delusions are the wide way that leads nowhere. We become spirits of truth, spirits of light, the kind of beings who enjoy eternal life discovering evermore of the magnificent Truth of this awesome Creation and eventually - when we are wise enough in the ways of Love and Truth - we can participate in creating it.

Jesus was teaching us how to "become" a spirit of light, how to "be" a lover of truth guided by love. Jesus didn't want us to worship him for already being that. He was teaching us how to accept the free gift of eternal life that is available to anybody who truly wants it with their heart, mind and life.

In spirit there is only one currency of payment: our life, our being. To know some truths, you have to be willing to pay with your life, let go, let yourself be taken without reservation or clinging to this world. We ask, seek, knock with our life, or we don't do it at all. There is no cheating, faking it, deception in spirit. There is what you are, what you have made of your self. When we 'die' and our soul/spirit/conscious being leaves our body, there is only the clear light of truth and we cannot not know exactly what we are and what we are not.

I don't mean to sound preachy or Biblical (and sorry for being long-winded), but many years ago when I looked for answers I found Jesus explaining so many of the profound spiritual experiences I had in my younger life, and clearly your understanding of your own experiences also finds deep resonance in the truths taught by Jesus. Truth is not where you look, or where you want to look, or where you want it to be. It is where you find it.

I love the work you do, by the way. You are a delightful light shining on the ascending path of Truth and Love and Life.

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This is just my opinion your soul and spirit is immortal. Your higher self resides in the 12th dimension, an immortal energy being.

Miracles do happen, particularly if you've connection to the Devine Feminine and Masculine, which leads to connection of your higher self.

Channeling can help with healing, using the Devine Feminine and Masculine can heal, also regenerate. If you know how... That is the food of the Gods.

You know in the original Bible there was a wheel of reincarnation which was taken out of it in 3rd century, by Emperor Augustine I think?

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Releasing religion programming that no longer serves you is THE ultimate red pill. Also consider reading The Custodians, by Delores Cannon. 👽

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Thank you! Would you say this could be the ultimate red pill? (if such a thing exists)

P.S. As I finished reading your last line, I immediately sang "living on a prayer!"

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Dolores Cannon wrote two books about Jesus the Essene !!!!! A must read for everyone !!!

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