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Entertaining anecdotal story set in the magical desert. Reminded me of a scene in a Carlos Castaneda novel. You are a very engaging and gifted storyteller.

3 objects interpretation were messages to you as guidance for your life moving forward, like a dream. The fact that they were all black in color represents either ominous consequences if the messages were unheeded/misinterpreted. or perhaps that if you followed the spirits clues, you would leave any oppressive darkness in your life behind. Much like Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol with the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future...

-Broken umbrella suggests that you needed to begin discarding broken and useless items (or negative individuals) in your life, like an umbrella in the desert where it rarely rains. (Present)

-Empty open suitcase was a hint to release the burden of all your emotional baggage that was diminishing your spirit and keeping it from soaring. (Past)

-Smashed 90's TV represented their suggestion that you not fall victim to mass media propaganda. The upcoming virus psyop and subsequent censorship that inevitably followed. (Future)

Hope this interpretation entertained you a fraction as much as your story did me.

Thanks for being so open, honest and vulnerable. It truly requires great strength and fearlessness.

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the desert spirits will not be televised, maybe?

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There is no cactus. 🌵

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