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I'd say evil can be observed sans action...because we possess (greatly suppressed) psychic abilities to detect the energy signature of evil as well as that of evil intent. We have been trained to forget, ignore or suppress these inherent abilities. Don't think we even have very good language to discuss this topic. That said, I understand Alicen's astute thesis that observing evil through actions is a critical lens. It serves to warn ourselves of evil and hold everyone accountable..it also recognizes that we all have the capacity to choose our actions to be good or evil. To observe evil through actions gives each of us the leway to choose right action or not..and to treat everyone accordingly. Excellent article ❣️

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thanks for the link. i pity whoever ended up in that seattle house :)

more seriously, thought this might resonate https://tessa.substack.com/p/mfm-healing

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Thank you, as always, for bringing your awareness and positive energy to Post-Woke! ❤

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