Very interesting. A Chaos Mage. The black cube is also the representation of very strong Devine masculine energies. The most powerful male crystal is Black Garnet which comes in black cubes and dodecahedron. Which is strange being in the colour spectrum it's the white flame.

The dark and light, the Devine Feminine and Masculine, to me is deism.

Life and marriage is strange in these times.

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I wanted to share a dream that I had last night, and this post seems as good a place as any:

I dreamed Keanu Reeves wanted to go out with me, so I went on a couple of dates with him. He was very nice! But while Keanu and I were in a theater waiting for a movie to start, I suddenly realized how much I missed my husband, so I got up, ran outside, and tried to call him. Somebody else answered, and I was panicking, desperate to get through. Then I woke up and my husband was there next to me.

It was so flattering to be asked out by Mr. Reeves, but not worth losing my marriage over 😅

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I love this content. Thanks so much.

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Potential incited!

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