gray does not negate that white is not black

beautiful words

I often have found myself lost in inversion, lost in nondeterminism. I am lost.

but being lost means one is looking for a way

and I'm not lost in many ways either

i know love is one certain thing I want to pursue

some things can be and not at the same time, but that does not mean that truth is falsehood

it means that language needs nuance, and sometimes perception changes with perspective

chaos is beautiful and creative

it is also horrific and destructive

but this statement requires unfolding

because it is not enough, what I have said here

and it never will

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Your words hit home. I often feel steamrolled by nuance. It's nice to have some around, like everything in moderation. In the last few years, yikes! Nuance Apocalypse.

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Thank you for this crucial reminder to practice discernment. I can always count on you to provoke and inspire new thoughts! 😻

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