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The Excitement Economy: A Money-Free Utopia

The Spiritual Consequences of the Vaccine

To Be Present is to Be Prescient

LOL @ masks! And birth certificates! And mortgages!

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Why People Get Mad About Psychic Phenomena

Ideologues Don't Know They're Ideologues

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Why We Should Stop "Warning" People About the N.W.O.

God is a Man

The Fate of the Deceiver

SpellCasting 101: How to De-Code (and Re-Code) Reality

On Lesser Magick

The Reality Manifesto: A Look at Pseudo-Life in the Post-Modern Age

Faith is a Function: Why You Never See Proof of the Paranormal

Making the Case that Dragons Are Real

A Cure for Sleep Paralysis, Nightmares & Witching Hour Wake-Ups


Human Clones?

The Moon is Not What We've Been Told

Are Aliens Actually Demons? Yes and No.

Are We Living on a Duplicate Earth?

Rationality, Schizophrenia, and the Curse of Communication

Why I, a Reiki Healer, Removed My Chakras

Your Heart is a Generator: What World Are You Creating?

On “Twin Flame Trauma” and How to Heal It

Why I Will NOT Take the COVID Vaccine

How to Spiritually Connect with Plants: A Comprehensive Guide

A Scientific Method for Developing Intuition | Apocalypse Survival Kit

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How to Become a DreamWalker (or: How to Go Mad as a Hatter)

A Master List of Psychic and Supernatural Powers Observed in Humans

Psionics: The One Rabbit Hole You’ll Never Come Out Of

The Deep Sea Anglerfish: A Real Life Sophia?

Whatever Happened to that Telekinesis Guy?

Was This Man Murdered for Exposing the Alien Agenda?

What Flat Earthers Get Right (and Why I Unironically Love Them)

Simulation Theory Meets Astrology: Are the Planets Our Programmers?